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Co-creating a memorable experience at the Montréal Grand Quay’s port centre and future observation tower

April 10, 2018

In collaboration with Groupe DES, Cultura, BLVD and MCI, the CREO team is involved in developing a two-tiered educational and tourism project for the Port of Montreal featuring a permanent exhibition for the general public and an immersive experience atop an observation tower. Both will be located on the fully revamped Grand Quay site (Alexandra Pier), in the heart of Montréal’s Old Port, which welcomes millions of visitors every year.

Opening in December 2019, the exhibition will use a highly interactive educational and game-based approach developed by the partners to help visitors experience and understand the importance of port activities in our daily lives. CREO is collaborating on the design, storyboarding and production, co-creating an exhibition that will incorporate various digital technologies.

The immersive component will be housed in an observation tower to be built on the Grand Quay’s extremity in 2021 and will offer a unique opportunity to view Montréal from the heart of the St. Lawrence River and assess the river’s and port’s impact on the city’s development.